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Ankitha Pareek

The organization that showed me the path to my goal..

'‘Opportunities don't happen literally; we should create them to achieve the aim, respect and also fame to succeed’. These words have been my ultimate pattern from the time when I had started my educational career. I was born in Rajasthan and my complete up bringing has been in Bangalore. From 1st to 5th standard I was studying at Cambridge school.In spite of being a rank student, I was active in all my academic or any other sessions. This paved me with a way to score a good percentage on my schoolings.
I have made a decision to join a Bachelor of Engineering degree at MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore. A Public Charitable Organization, This help was God's grace as I can concentrate on developing my career devoid of being loaded by any views linked to financiallimits. Xyz Foundation is a humanitarian association which not only supported economic aid but also encouraged me with beneficial guidelines on enduring standardized and more concerned to educate. The scholarship program had improved my self-confidence extensively by lessening the financial trouble.

After finishing my engineering studies, I am nowlucratively working as a Software Engineer at Mind tree Limited and earning an annual salary of 3.25 Lac/-