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The proposal for your thesis is just what the name says. It must propose your research work in the best possible manner. If you are not able to put an outstanding proposal in front of your supervisor or the thesis committee, then the research work may not be approved at all. At commencement of research, your synopsis will be pithy; however, as the study advances, you will have to add more details to this document. The length of synopsis may vary between three to five pages. An effective thesis synopsis must contain the following:


The synopsis starts with mentioning the rationale of the study. It forms the foundation for the thesis statement.


The motive of the study is mentioned in the ‘objectives’ chapter. This is the basis for the research question of your thesis. You must state the problem that you seek to solve, along with some hint about probable solution.


The material that you have studied so far, as well as shortlisted books and journals will be listed in this section. Our writers delivering providing PhD thesis proposal writing service aim to include at least 50 academic references in the literature review..


Here, you must explain why you have chosen the methodology, how it will help to attain desired result, how you will collect data and analyse it and what analytical tools you will use.


The proposal must give a chronological outline of the thesis too. You must have a plan for the deadlines for various chapters. Without this time based approach you may never finish the document..


Lastly, you must present all the resources that you have used for writing the synopsis in a structured manner.