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A research paper, published in a reputed journal paves the surest way to academic as well as professional success for a research scholar. However, this path is not easy to progress, as it is strewn with challenges. Sometimes, you may be stuck at the writing stage, especially if it is your first paper. At other times, the paper may be rejected by publishers for faults that you are not aware of. As the task of writing and publishing a research paper takes years to accomplish, it is sensible to avail the help of professional guides providing journal paper publication support in India to ensure success in your first attempt.

  1. Prepare a list of target journals according to your field of study, including impact factor journals
  2. Find out the guidelines of the journals and help you adhere to them through our editorial service.
  3. As we are aware of the time of publication of different journals, our team offering research paper publication support help you plan your work in order to submit the paper in time.
  4. Draft an impressive cover letter, as well as help you prepare the abstract that is viewed by the editors before reading the entire paper. This will create a positive note for your research.
  5. Experts offer research paper writing service help you get the best resources for the paper. A commendable reference list and proper citations go a long way in getting your paper accepted.
  6. The technical aspects are checked by our counsellors and statisticians, to help you pass the primary stage of publishing.
  7. In case your paper is returned with comments for corrections, we help you revise the paper as per suggestions of the editors and resubmit it